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Memorial Ordering Policy

"LASER IMAGING & DESIGN" LLC requires signed approval from the cemetery for your memorial concerning the memorial size, color, design, and any other specifications requested by the cemetery. We provide this service in order to insure compliance with cemetery regulations. However compliance with rules and regulations of the cemetery are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Because a substantial amount of work is involved in processing a memorial order, the minimum charge for cancelled orders is 20% of the order total. In addition, $85.00 per hour will be charged for any layout or custom artwork created for the memorial. Orders may not be cancelled by the purchaser for any reason after 10 calendar days. "LASER IMAGING & DESIGN" LLC may cancel any memorial order, at any time, for any reason. If "LASER IMAGING & DESIGN" LLC. makes the decision to cancel, a full refund will be provided within 20 calendar days. The purchaser agrees that the total liability of "LASER IMAGING & DESIGN" LLC shall not exceed the purchase price of the memorial, or the total payments to date of cancellation, whichever is less.

Cemetery Fees

"LASER IMAGING & DESIGN" LLC is not responsible for any cemetery fees or installation charges. However, we will, at your request, assist you into obtaining information from your cemetery.

Natural Materials

The purchaser acknowledges that stone is a natural material with variations in color and other characteristics and agrees to accept such natural variation.

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Delivery time will vary with the type of material and the individual characteristics of your particular memorial order. The average delivery time for standard memorials is two months after we receive cemetery approval, or a waver of cemetery approval. This is an average estimate of delivery time, however, during periods of unusually high volume additional time may be necessary. Some memorials that are hand carved, designs or shapes that are not our standard, some bronze markers, ceramic photos, granite ordered from outside the United States of America, any non standard item, may require additional time. We recommend that you do not plan trips, or family gatherings to see the memorial until you are notified that it have been installed. We make every reasonable effort to deliver our memorials as soon as possible; however, we can not guaranty any specific date of delivery. Memorials are shipped by truck freight to the designated location. A standard shipping destination is defined as a business location that maintains standard business hours, with full time personnel who have the experience and training to handle memorials of all types, and a forklift or other similar equipment for unloading from a freight carrier with an enclosed trailer. There is an extra charge for a lift gate, or any other non standard procedure necessary for delivery. Any shipping damage must be noted on the bill of lading. Notification of a freight damage claim must be made within 48 hours of delivery, by telephone. Written notice must follow within 15 days which must include clear photographic evidence of the damage. Please include any additional supportive evidence of the claim. Although we will assist you with your claim, we are not responsible for the memorial after the bill of lading has been signed.