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Is there a warranty for the memorial I am ordering?

Yes. All of our products are guaranteed to be free from any defects in quality and finish, and free from any damage caused by shipping (all shipments are insured for your protection). Furthermore, we provide a Lifetime Warranty on all of our cemetery markers and granite headstones. Please see our Warranty.

Is there a waiting period to place a monument on a grave?

It is not necessary to wait. Many families come to us immediately after burial. The sooner arrangements are made with us, the sooner we can assist you in memorializing your loved one.

Why should I purchase a pre-need monument?

We have more and more people every day purchasing pre-need monuments. By planning ahead, you have the options of selecting style, color and size you prefer. A personalized design will help you portray your life and beliefs about yourself to future generations. You can also save money. Just like everything else, the cost of granite is gradually increasing. Purchasing a monument before the need arises means that you are utilizing today's dollars. It also will be less traumatic and emotional to purchase a monument pre-need as well. Can my lettering be in a foreign language?

We often letter monuments in other languages.

Does lettering cost extra? We include a standard amount of lettering in the base cost of your monument. If you choose additional lettering , there is a reasonable additional fee.

Can I place a picture of my loved one on my monument?

Yes. We offer many ways to include an image of your loved one. Popular choices include a porcelain cameo, laser or a hand etching .

Is our monument removed from the grave to add future lettering?

Lettering equipment is portable and is brought to the gravesite to add lettering to existing monuments, so there is no need to remove the monument. Can your company match existing lettering on a monument? Yes. We can match any existing lettering pefectly, regardless of whether or not we provided the original monument.

How do I clean a monument?

For mildew on marble - use full strength purex with medium bristle nylon brush. Soak thoroughly with purex, let set 5 minutes. Making sure the stone stays wet, start scrubbing. Make sure you rinse all purex off well. For mildew or dirt on granite - use a mild dish detergent and medium bristle brush. Rinse well.

How much do memorials cost?

There are many variables in pricing including the color, size, number of surfaces polished, artwork and lettering. "Laser Imaging & Design" is striving to make monuments as affordable as possible and fit into everybody's budget whether it is large or small.

Are there any "hidden costs"?

No. When "Laser Imaging & Design" quotes a job for you, it should be a complete price finished and installed. The only exception to this answer would be the rare case of investigating pricing on the cemetery foundation fees. In this case we will get back to you as soon as we are able to find this information.

What are your terms of payment?

We, usually, start production with 50% deposit. You will have the opportunity to see the finished memorial and make sure you are satisfied before final payment is due. We prefer payment in the form of check, cash or money order, but will accept credit card payment if that is your only option.

Why do some retailers charge more for a given memorial than others?

While granite memorials come from relatively few places around the world, there are literally hundreds of manufacturers of blank memorials. As one might guess, there is a wide range of material, quality, and workmanship. The retailers serving any given market will also have different levels of skilled craftsmen working in their plants. They will all use different pricing structures and offer a different quality of memorial.

Is there a flat fee for cemetery foundations?

No. Every cemetery has different guidelines for foundation details. Some cemeteries do their own foundations and do not allow outside contractors. Some cemeteries have a contractor of choice. Other cemeteries have fairly loose guidelines. "Laser Imaging & Design" will find out and include that fee when quoting a price for you.

What is the lead time to have a memorial set?

The average time it takes from start to finish is about two months. If you select a special order memorial, it can take three to four months. In some instances if the material is coming from overseas, it can take up to six months to have your memorial set.

What are memorials made of?

The overwhelming majority of memorials are made of granite. We do offer bronze markers if your cemetery requires it or if it is your personal preference. We also still produce memorials from marble on occasion. However, granite is the superior choice for beauty and durability.

Where does granite come from?

Granite is quarried literally all over the world. We have suppliers for virtually any stone you can name that still has an active quarry.

How is granite formed?

Granite is a plutonic, or deep seated igneous rock characterized by the presence of the minerals quartz, feldspar, and mica. The rock is wholly crystallized and possesses an irregular granular texture. The feldspar and mica give granite its warm rich colors. The quartz gives it it's shine and sparkle. Igneous rocks are the hardest rocks, being almost impervious to erosion.

How are granite memorials made?

The making of a monument is a long process. Huge 20 ton blocks of granite are cut and blasted from quarries, some over 350 feet deep. Only about 20% of all granite lifted out of these quarries is good enough for memorials. The rest is discarded. The good blocks are then cut into slabs like loaves of bread using huge diamond tipped saws. The slabs are polished on both sides and then cut or broken down into selected memorial shapes. Using hammer and chisel, skilled craftsmen then perform the final shaping. The blank polished memorials are then shipped to companies like ours who work with the family to determine the final design that will be sandblasted into the surface of the memorial.

Do you have certain sizes for single or double memorials?

Single markers range in size from 16" to 28" wide and double markers range in size from 30" to 60" wide. With upright memorials, anything less than 36" wide is considered a single and anything 36" wide or more is considered a double. The size of your cemetery lot will determine the appropriate size for your marker or upright memorial.

Can I design my own stone or do I have to select from your design options?

"Laser Imaging & Design" welcomes the opportunity to discuss your design ideas. We have literally thousands of designs available that we know to be good. Most of our customers appreciate having us guide them through the design process. However, if you are a creative person and want to use your own design, we will be happy to work with you.