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Monument & Marker Styles
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There are many different styles of granite memorials. You need to know the correct terminology, so that you can accurately describe them when discussing options with the place or ordering. The following will teach you the definitions of the terms we use.
Upright Monuments
Designed to stand straight up perpendicular to level ground. The engraved marker portion is known as a "die." Most are usually 6" or 8" thick, but can be the produced up to 12" thick and sometiomes more depending on the stone and the quarry it comes from. The horizontal portion is known as the base and is usually required.
Slant Monuments
Upright slant shape. The width is measured at the base. The top is usually 2 inches thick. The top can be flat, oval, or serpentine shaped. A standard 2 inch to 4 inch nosing is recommended. This protects the polished etched surface. A base is optional and usually not required. May be used for individual or companion.
Flat Markers
Designed to lie flat at lawn level. All are a minimum of 4 inches thick. May be used for individual of ordered double width for a companion. Perfect application for adding bronze, some cemetery restrictions may require bronze on granite.
Bevel Marker
Often called a Pillow Marker or Hickey. Slight bevel slant from back to front of marker. The back is 2" thicker than the front to provide this bevel effect. May be used for individual or companion. Usually 6" or 8" thick, however, thicker markers are available.
Designed to lie flat at lawn level. All are minimum of 4 inches thick. Covers the entire length of the interred. The larger size allows for more personalized expression and room for engraving.
Very popular for both a memorial and as a cremation memorial. Base is usually not required, but can be beneficial to keep the bench level in cemetery. Some style benches can hold the cremains of up to 6 loved ones. Enhances the beauty of burial garden, prayer garden or any large memorial.
Rock Monument or Boulder
Similar characteristics of the Upright Monument. Area available for expression, decoration, and engraving is variable withe the size of the stone. Bronze markers may be mounted. May also be used as a cremation memorial.
Most flat markers, bevel markers, and slant monument have a polished face. Upright monuments are usually polished on the front and back. Typically bases are polished on the top. Visible surfaces that are not polished or steeled are rock pitched. The bottom of every marker is usually sawed since they are not visible.
  • Polished - Smooth surface, high gloss mirror like shine
  • Sawed - Smooth surface, dull look of the natural stone
  • Steeled - Smooth surface, appears lighter and frosted
  • Flamed - Rough surface, generally level, finished with an intense flame or sand blaster with special blast material
  • Rock Pitched - Rough surface, finished with hammer and chisel
Panel Type
The different kinds of panels that are used for lettering are called "Family Name Panels" and "Inscription Panels". The finish for a panel may be frosted or polished.
Upright Monuments Tops and Ends
Glossary of Memorial Terms
Axed - A wide variety of smooth and textured patterns made by pneumatic hammers and steel chisels.
Balance Rock Pitched - Rough cut surface with mitered corner lines.
Bottom as Quarried - Rough broken surface.
Bottom Jointed - Cut smooth to fit on smooth surface.
Bottom Sawn / Balance Sawn - Smooth finish, may have saw marks.
Flat Carved - Carving with no contouring details.
Honed - A dark, smooth finish ground with carborundum wheel orloose abrasive and water.
Lithochrome - Paint specially formulated for stone.
Metro-steeled - A light smooth, finish by sand blasting with fine childed shot.
Pitched to Top Line Only - Edges are left rough as if broken.
Polished - A dark mirror-glossy finish, made with felt buffer and tin oxide.
Polished Bevel Top - Glossy Top (at an angle to bottom)
Polished Flat Top - Glossy Top (parallel to bottom)
Rock-Pitched - A hand-cut rustic finish with edges dressed to a straight line.
Serpentined - Curved with highest point in the center, reverses at the ends.
Shape Carved - Carved with details contoured.
Shell Rock - A hand-cut rustic surface with strong, scalloped or dish shaped appearance.
Standard - Widely known industry standard.
Steeled - A light, smooth finish, from grinding with iron wheel and chilled shot.
Straight - Straight.
Thermal - A rough, random-texture finish created by spalling with high-temperature gas flames.