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Val Klinberg has been in the monument business for over 16 years. Former engineer, he converted one skill from his past - drawing - into career that earned him national wide recognition. In 2000 "Stone in America" magzine named him "the best artist in the industry". Val has been commissioned to design and engrave number of national recognized memorials. To name a few: Colonel Shelton MIA, POW memorial in Owensboro, Kentucky, Firefighter memorial in Franfort, "Buffolo Soldier" memorial in Fort Knox, Vietnam veteran's memorial in mt.Washington. For Woody Stevens, Kentucky famous horse breeder memorial he etched the portrait and made the bronze stature of a jockey on a horse. Val's talent goes beyond monument industry. He works with builders, interior decorators creating wall murals, floor inlays, etching on glass, wood, leather, and plastic. He designs, draws, paints, sculptures. His creative abilities ate limited only by your imagination. And if you run out of it he has pretty wild one on his own. Trust him and whatever project you are in he will make it unique and beautifull.