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Carving Options
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Shape Carving
The outline of the design is sandblasted and the interior is shaped to create a 3-D look to the design. Shape carved designs are commonly used on roses, flowers and leaves. They can also be used on many other designs such as praying hands.
Flat Carving
This sparticular type of work consists of placing a design on a rubberizedmask, cutting out the line and outlines of the design and then sandblasting the exposed surface. Sandblast designs are the most basic type of carving available. Flat carved rosed and other floral design are not preferred for upright headstones.
Sculpture / Stautues
Sculptures and granite statue carvings consist of an image that is hand sculpted using many different pneumatic chisels and other granite carving tools. The quality of a hand sculpted statue will vary greatly depending upon the individual sculptor.
Hand etching consists of using a diamond engraving tool to draw or "etch" directly onto a polished monument. An etching looks best when it is done on a polished black granite monument because this will give you the greatest contrast. Etchings can also be some using laser machines. These are called laser etchings. Etchings can even be done in color. Please visit our etching gallery.